Team building


Team Building

Today's companies understand that team building or a trip to nature is one of the best ways for team members to better connect, get to know each other, better and more easily deal with stress and tension. Every responsible entrepreneur wants his work team to cooperate well, to have understanding, good communication. It is known that movement and staying in nature relaxes and recharges our batteries. After such activity, a number of processes are started in our body, immunity is strengthened, pleasure hormones are secreted and a number of other positive effects. There is a certain initiation and satisfaction of both internal and external. And in the process, potentials spring up that we were not even aware your employees had. Through such workshops, through play and interaction, we encourage participants to unleash their potential and creativity.

Team building packages

10 people
10 min karting
Package price: 1100,00 kn

10 people
10 min karting
paintball 100 bullets with equipment
Package price : 2300,00 kn

10 people
20 min karting
(10 min training, 10 min race)
paintball 200 bullets with equipment
Package price: 4200,00 kn

10 people
30 min karting
(10 min training, 10 min pre-race, 10 min final)
paintball 200 bullets with equipment
cups for the first three placed champagnes
Package price: 5800,00 kn

* The price of the package includes a karting ride of 340ccm / 11 hp
*VAT is included in the price.