About us



Our beginnings in karting date back to 1989, when the founder and owner Ivan Bilić noticed that his son Deni did not have enough battery-powered entertainment but demanded something more. Thus, he started purchasing the first go-karts and was the first in Croatia to start renting go-kart vehicles. Son Deni and daughter Natali entered the world of karting and actively and successfully participated in karting competitions and achieved enviable results. From 1989 until today, with maximum commitment and dedication, we strive to be as good as possible every day, so that in 1997 we created the largest and only karting center in the entire Adriatic according to the CEC / FIA regulations for the European Championships. Every year we strive to improve the quality of vehicles so that to date we offer about 60 Rimo karting TUV quality and thus we are able to meet the pleasures of our customers in the management of karting.